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13 Ways To Get A Killer Workout In Dallas - Culturemap Dallas

speedflex You can reserve a space online . Barre Bee Fit Barre Bee Fit's philosophy differs from that of a traditional barre studio in that instructors take a more spiritual approach. It started in Chicago, with thegoal of providing a free one-stop workout comprising cardiovascular training and body toning. FranchiseeAlicia Hutton brought the concept to the Dallas Design District , where the mix of classes means you never get bored with the same old workout. The latest class, calledBaryasa Stretch, is Barre Bee Fit's version of vinyasa yoga. Beyond Studios With founders nicknamed "The Assassin" and "The Accomplice" and a workout dubbed "The Killer," you know these people mean business. Beyond started in 2010 with the idea that diversity is the way to attain fitness goals. Plus they wanted to shake things up a bit.
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