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Does Edward Snowden Deserve Mercy?

Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky said Snowden should face the possibility of a "few years in prison" for his leaks about NSA activities not life in prison or the death penalty. On Jan. 23 the US government opened the door a crack to some sort of Snowden deal. Attorney General Eric Holder , speaking at the University of Virginias Miller Center, said that if Snowden wanted to come back to the United States and enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. RECOMMENDED: NSA revelations: A timeline of what's come out since Snowden leaks began Mr. Holder said the Justice Department would do the same for any defendant who wanted to plead guilty. But he did not specify what charges Snowden would need to accept guilt for under such circumstances. In general, Snowden's proponents argue that he had little recourse but leaking to make his points.

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