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May 14 2014


13 Ways To Get A Killer Workout In Dallas - Culturemap Dallas

speedflex You can reserve a space online . Barre Bee Fit Barre Bee Fit's philosophy differs from that of a traditional barre studio in that instructors take a more spiritual approach. It started in Chicago, with thegoal of providing a free one-stop workout comprising cardiovascular training and body toning. FranchiseeAlicia Hutton brought the concept to the Dallas Design District , where the mix of classes means you never get bored with the same old workout. The latest class, calledBaryasa Stretch, is Barre Bee Fit's version of vinyasa yoga. Beyond Studios With founders nicknamed "The Assassin" and "The Accomplice" and a workout dubbed "The Killer," you know these people mean business. Beyond started in 2010 with the idea that diversity is the way to attain fitness goals. Plus they wanted to shake things up a bit.
More http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/city-life/05-13-14-best-fitness-studios-cycling-surf-bar-core-fusion/

February 16 2014


Life After Massive Weight Loss: It's Not Always Perfect

Jasmin Singer before, left, and after. Photo: Courtesy of Jasmin SingerOther newly thin people, Zerrios notes, will start to notice how the world reacts differently to them, which can be upsetting rather than exciting. A lot of times women will say, I cant believe men hold the door open for me now, he says. And then theyll say, What was wrong with me before? Was I not human? That closely describes some of the hurt feelings of New York writer and vegan activist Jasmin Singer , who wrote about how losing 100 pounds changed her life in a January essay for MindBodyGreen . Dont get me wrong. visit this site Losing the weight that had plagued both my knees and my spirit for so long was an important accomplishment for me, something Id been desperately longing for since I was a kid, she writes, explaining all of the changes that go along with transforming yourself from 221 pounds (with a litany of medical problems) to a fit and healthy marathoner who even appeared on "The Dr. Oz Show" to talk about her weight-loss journey. Still, the new behavior of those around her men enthusiastically holding open doors, women giving unsolicited compliments about an item of clothing she was wearing left her both gobsmacked and furious. As a fat person, I had recognized that I was a victim of an unfair, unjust society, she writes.
More http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/life-after-massive-weight-loss-211106512.html

February 01 2014


How 3 Friends Started Their Own Weight Loss Program And Lost 60 Pounds

Keep food allergies and food preferences in mind. At the meeting, pair entrees with sides to round out each meal and record your menu choices in a biweekly calendar. Organize Drop-Offs: Designate when, where and how food http://steve-davis.info/2014/01/ will be delivered and where food can be left if see here no one is home. 500-Calorie Dinners Tip 4: Make Time for Exercise Schedule Exercise: Choose times, locations and types of exercise, taking into consideration different abilities and fitness levels. Vary what you do to keep things interesting. Have a Plan B for inclement weather. Tip 5: Stay In Touch Check In: Are you making progress with your goals?
Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/3-friends-started-own-weight-loss-program-lost-201000918.html?.tsrc=tmob

January 25 2014


Does Edward Snowden Deserve Mercy?

Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky said Snowden should face the possibility of a "few years in prison" for his leaks about NSA activities not life in prison or the death penalty. On Jan. 23 the US government opened the door a crack to some sort of Snowden deal. Attorney General Eric Holder , speaking at the University of Virginias Miller Center, said that if Snowden wanted to come back to the United States and enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. RECOMMENDED: NSA revelations: A timeline of what's come out since Snowden leaks began Mr. Holder said the Justice Department would do the same for any defendant who wanted to plead guilty. But he did not specify what charges Snowden would need to accept guilt for under such circumstances. In general, Snowden's proponents argue that he had little recourse but leaking to make his points.

January 19 2014


welcome to my web journey

welcome to my web journey
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